Do things that you don’t want to do

Hi, I have two kind of feelings that YOU are here right now.

  • Firstly, I am glad that someone is reading this Blog, this makes me feel appreciated!
  • Secondly it is a bit sad that of the all places you can be right now, your decision was to stay here, stare at your screen and read what I have to say.

I hope you won’t regret, tho!
For the last couple of month, I was really into the things that is happening in the U.S. and Canada at the moment. There are a lot of things going on, and since I am from a small conservative Europe country, it was really difficult to comprehend that the things which are happening in those countries are happening for real. There is a reason for that too tho, even in my weirdest dreams I would have never thought of a women weighting 200kg (about 440 pounds) would say that she is happy about her figure, she feels healthy and beautiful and the people who does not find fat people appealing has been brainwashed by a “Fatphobic” society (while I am writing this stuff I am still shocked that these things happen). I am not going to talk about this particular case, instead I am going to touch the topic which probably touches all of us – doing things we don’t like.

Blaming others for the things that are happening to us, is probably the most appealing thing to do, when something is going out of hand. One of the reasons being that, there isn’t much a person has to do apart of blaming someone and lying to himself. Both of which is comparably easy. The women I have mentioned before is a great example, because her other option, instead of blaming society for being “Fatphobic”, was to lose weight which in her case probably looked impossible. Since, losing weight meant – eating less, eating healthier stuff, exercising daily, etc. And it is not a surprise that she chose to blame the society. No one wants to do it the hard way, not even the people who are doing it the hard way, simply because it requires effort and sacrifice. At the time when alternative require only raising your voice. Although, the women is not the only example, as today have watched “Youtube” and I saw a millionaire, in a rally against wall street. He had a sign “I am the 1% let’s talk”, and he attracted a lot of people to talk with. Some of them where against capitalism, pro socialism. They were blaming corporations, for low wages, for economic crises and so on… While the rich guy tried to explain how economy works and how the more power the government has, the worse it is for people. Reason being that the more socialistic society is, the more government influences on our lives, the less we can control them. I mentioned this example only because of the fact- if people doesn’t take responsibility for their lives and blame other for the problems they face. Government has to step in and take over control, while leaving lots people’s opinions and interests behind. Since, government can’t really make society perfect for everyone. On the other hand, free market is really good at it, but it has one condition, we have to be willing to solve our problems by ourselves instead of blaming others.


In inevitably there are some differences between people who take responsibility for their their life thus taking the hard way and people who are taking the easy way. While there is a huge contrast among those two kind of people the only distinctions I am going to mention is: the time saving and life satisfaction. By saying this i mean that problems do not disappear if you ignore them, or pretend that they don’t exist and while the time passes those problems only get bigger. By the way, it is not like that the problems one ignores doesn’t affect his life either. Usually issue’s puts a stick in your wheels, while you ride through life. Could you image not taking out a stick out of your bike’s wheel while traveling long distance? How exhausted and annoyed would you get? Even if you would be traveling with nice view and on a smooth bike path. Not even mentioning how “fun” it would be to travel on a bumpy wet road with a stick in your wheel, which is usually more truth when speaking about life! The fact that you have to step of your bike, take time pulling a freaking stick out from your freaking bike wheel is annoying and sometimes it may seem that the stick is going to fall out by itself, and maybe in some cases that is true. Although, waiting for it to happen is not worth it. Dealing with the problems at the moment they appear is the best choice you can make, taking some time to wait and see what is going to happen and solve it later is the second best, but ignoring them and trying to run away from your problems is definitely the worst you can do in your life.

I am writing all this stuff because of the realization that came to me today, and it was: The more you do things that you don’t want to, the more you will be able to do things that you love.


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